Sikas Group

With the aim of consulting and producing chemical building materials in line with the new global technical knowledge in order to strengthen and increase the reliability and durability of concrete structures, Sikas has set up a factory for the production of building chemical products.
The company has tried to gather researchers, engineers and experts related to this field, in addition to improving the quality of its products and services, as a leading company in the field of consulting services and needs assessment, production and presentation of new construction products. Therefore, with the formation of the Research and Development Unit (R&D), which is a combination of experts in the field of building chemistry, has made its efforts purposeful and has achieved good results. The following can be mentioned:
Production of modified cement-based grout with high temperature tolerance
Tidal epoxy repair (underwater curing capability)
Elastic concrete fabrics
The above are just some of the new products of this company and we hope to localize many new products of building chemistry. Supply of industrial and chemical raw materials are other areas of activity of the collection, including carboxylate powder, naphthalene powder, calcium lignosulfonate powder, erosil, powder adhesives, silicone antifoam, etc.
Sikas Building Chemistry has ISO 14001, ISO 9001 OHSAS18001 and ISO / IEC 17025 certifications. We hope that with our efforts, we will take a small step towards achieving your great goals and together we will build an evergreen Iran.